I know what you’re thinking, text-centric… brilliant that means this website is fast to load and straight to the point.

Well yes, you’re right. We’ve made Textual super-duper quick to load in its raw form. So if you want to chuck a load of plugins at it, the base theme itself is still going to perform very well for you.

Don’t worry though, you can still add images, we’re not crazy!

Let’s dig deeper into what you get with Textual.

Quick loading fonts

The theme loads standard system fonts, which means no external CSS is being loaded from Google or Typekit. This doesn’t mean that Textual won’t work with web fonts. Oh no! we’re not silly, we know people love web fonts which is why the theme is fully compatible with these two lovely plugins. We’ve even used 2 Google web fonts in this demo.

Easy Google Fonts

Using the fantastic and free Google Fonts plugin for WordPress you can add any Google fonts. We’ve even integrated a bespoke options panel to get you up and running quickly complete with font choices that we recommend would work well with the typography of the theme. Just read our extensive theme documentation for all of the details.

Typekit for WordPress

Using the wonderful free Typekit plugin for WordPress you can add any Typekit fonts. You do need a Typekit account to do this. We’ve also provided font choices that we recommend would work well with the typography of the theme. Just read our extensive support documentation for all of the details.

Loads of Sidebars and Widget Areas

We’ve got 7 widget areas in the theme, you have different sidebars for your home and archive pages, your single posts and your standard pages.

We’ve also got header and footer widget areas that count your widgets and lay them out in columns according to how many widgets you’ve added.

This means if you just add one widget to the header widget area (which appears just below the header and just before the content) if will center itself, perfect for web adverts!

We’ve even got 2 bespoke widgets for displaying your social icons (check out the header and footer and sidebar for these) and our MeanThemes About You to upload an image of you’re beautiful face complete with a mini biography area.

Post format support

We support all of the post formats, yes every Post Format is supported. Check out the rest of the posts on this demo to see them in action.

Featured image control

By default all of these are disabled across the theme (aside from the gallery post format because why would you load a gallery if you didn’t want it to display). This includes the related posts box too. You can either turn these back on for posts that look like this.

Customizing Textual

We’ve added in a bunch of useful options, but not too many. You’ve got full control over fonts, colours, showing and hiding stuff, positioning header socials. Just check out the demo customizer.

So what are you waiting for?

If Textual is your cup of tea, why not Pick up a copy